Take part in a Google conference call

It’s incredible how it’s simple (and free) to have access to information about internet company like Google thanks to a live webcast conference call.

I have just finished to listen to the Google third quarter financial results webcast broadcasted live on the Google web site, for analysts, journalists and ordinary web people like me.

Thanks to it I could write a short report for my italian search engine blog site, Motoricerca. Live good and fresh information as CNN and CNBC.

I am still alive

Yes, I am still alive even if I had a lot of pressure during last weeks.

Digitalk, a new television technology talk show, for Italian satellite viewers, started last monday and I have to work hard also for the blog/web site of the programme…because I am an author of it :-)

I am also changing my first job so I have very few moments for this english blog. I write more frequently for my italian ones, Pandemia and Lucaconti.it.

Busy weeks…but also a lot of fun for the new challenges.