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My Twitter ebook is a Kindle Special Deal

From midnight for 24 hours my book will be a Kindle Special Deal on Amazon.it. Comunicare con Twitter will be offered with a special price of 99 cent (!) Is that a deal?! I think so. Paper book price is 24,90 euro and normal ebook price is 9,88 euro.

Comunicare con Twitter

It’s in Italian and it’s about Twitter. If You are interested You cannot miss it.

Comunicare con Twitter for Kindle

Proud Kindle owner


Yes, I am a proud Kindle owner, thanks to he gift of a Italian friend. It is your perfect companion during an international journey. You can read and buy books and newspapers everywhere in just a minute. It works perfectly even at noon in a sunny day on the beach (of Thailand).

No, You can’t do it with the new iPad, sorry :-)