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Definition of work

I don’t buy everything, but this is a very good reading.

My point is that there are two ways to think about work. One, is that work is what you do for the middle eight hours during the day and that time is pre-sold more or less for most of your life. All the other time is yours where you do things you like more. The other way to do is that you make no distinction and consider all the time in the day to be “yours”–you just actually like spending it on work.

via I Work All The Time — And That’s A Good Thing | Thought Catalog.

A New World of Work

The workplace is becoming more and more virtual, with meetings occurring across time zones and organizations and with participants who barely know each other, working on swarms attacking rapidly emerging problems. But the employee will still have a “place” where they work. Many will have neither a company-provided physical office nor a desk, and their work will increasingly happen 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In this work environment, the lines between personal, professional, social and family matters, along with organization subjects, will disappear.

via Gartner Says the World of Work Will Witness 10 Changes During the Next 10 Years.