Too working, less blogging

Summer time has gone . Today is a raining day but it’s not a pity. I have a lot of week-end works to do.

One year ago I had only a full time work, now I don’t know how many I have.

Just for a personal memo, a list of them follows.

  • web rater for an international search engine;
  • environmental ONG pubblic relations officer and more;
  • blog network (Blogcenter) editor;
  • television programme (and web site) consultant;
  • contextual adv consultant;

Probably I miss something else

First post for the new blog

Thanks to Niall Kennedy, I can try and use

I would like to use this new blog to talk with international viewers and to train my written english (not very fluent, isn’t it?).

I enjoy very much to write in italian for a lot of blog. First one is Pandemia, my best loved blog because it is the first I started in december 2002. During March 2005 I started a personal one, with a new domain, to tell about my political experience.

Starting June 2005 I open an italian blog network, Blogcenter, in collaboration with Tiziano Fogliata. We have now four blog about broadband, search engines, nanopublishing and printers: Speedblog, Motoricerca, Nanopub and LaserInkjet.

I hope this new blog could be a good way to know new friend and, why not?, new business partners.