ClickCaster conversation

Today I was happy to chat (via Skype) with ClickCaster boss, Scott Converse. A nice man (He is not a guy anymore, but he is still young 😉 ) who manage a new venture to make podcast online in a very simple way, CklickCaster. I have tested it since many weeks for my Italian blog, …


Royal Marine shock video

A new episode of bullying culture in Britain Royal Marine. In Italy we suffer for the same in our army and we call it nonnismo. Disgusting! Link: News of the world shock video.

Fon, International Wi-Fi network bottom up

You should register to Fon, a new software to share your wi-fi connection with everybody and to connect to other Fon user wi-fi area everywhere in the world. Fon is a Martin Varsavsky project. In Italy we have a lot of problems with Fon, because of antiterror laws 😦 Link: Fon and Martin's blog.