Pando starts a blog

Finally Pando has started a blog, based on WordPress. A good way to communicate with their users in a friendly way. Yaron wrote the first three post to introduce Pando team and talk about the Digg effect (you don't expect). Nice start. Enjoy. Link: Official Pando blog.


Glosoli from Sigur Ros

A great visionary video from Sigur Ros. The song is Glosoli. [via Fusebox]

Happy New Year 2006

You can see some very nice views of my Italian region, "Le Marche", in a beautiful 2006 calendar by Gomarche news site. Just click the month name (gennaio, febbraio and so on) to download the pics. I wish You a very happy new year!! Link: 2006 Gomarche calendar.

Guerrila X-mas time

Ten good ideas.1. Decorate a tree in public. In a park, on a street, outside your workplace, places you would least expect it.2. Leave tiny anonymous gifts with notes that say "something for you".3. Put fortunes written on paper into people's pockets when you go to parties.4. Write letters telling people you admire them and …