My first two books: Skype and search engines

Recently I have been co-writing (with Tiziano Fogliata) two books for RGB Media.

The first one is about Skype and how to use it for a beginner. You can also find one scoop about Skype Extra Gallery: a new marketplace for games and music video inside the Skype client. The second one is about hot to search better. It is a guide for every kind of online search.

They are only in Italian and You can find them in every bookshop in Italy and also online. They will have a dedicated blog, starting very soon.

Link: Motori al 100% e Skype al 100%.

It has been a loooong hiatus

Since september 7th I have not been writing anymore in this blog, for a lot of good reasons.

I have a lot of blogs too where I write nearly everyday. The most updated is Pandemia but I have also a personal blog about politics, local themes and me. This is the third one, also in my writing ranking.

During september and october 2006 I have been attending a lots of meeting as a blogger: a political one, invited by an Italian Minister, a food and wine one, to know this part of the Italian blogosphere, a dinner with the search engine, an event promoted by Edelman and Technorati, a meeting by the Italian online local press sites (ANSO) and something more.

Tomorrow I will go to Rome to listen to Shel Israel about his blogs book Naked Conversations. I am very pleased that the U.S. Ambassy in Rome invited me to partecipate.

Unfortunately I have not enough time to write everywhere I would.

During the next two months I would like to go to Vlog Europe in Milan, Barcamp Turin, PiĆ¹ Libro fair in Rome.

United bloggers for freedom

Amnesty International is making a special call for action to all the blogosphere to support their campaign against censorship online.

I support it and I hope You can do it too. Please sign the pledge and speak loudly on your blog for online freedom.

Link: Amnesty International call for bloggers, Freddom pledge and The Internet Governance Forum web site.

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