I have been Twittered

I must confess it: I have just been captured by Twitter. What is it? Twitter is a very simple way to update ypur friend and the world (if You like it) about what You are doing. You can use IM, the Twitter web site and your phone by sms.

I am always online with Google Talk live so it should be easy to update Twitter. Another killer application is that You can follow your friend updates by RSS or your IM.

The only man responsable for this (addiction) is Cristian. Just to let You know.

You can follow my updates here and please, if You have a Twitter account add it to mine.

France 24 in pictures

Before Le Web 3 there was France 24. It was another joyful moment.

I had the opportunity to know a lot of international bloggers as Andrew and Joanne, Luc, Juan, Roba and also Vicky, Nils, Emmanuel and Xavier of BuzzParadise.

France 24 has started very well, especially online with 500.000 visitors in the first 24 hours since the launch. They are improving everyday if they have not yet RSS feeds for their blogs and some other features, like a programme guide.

Link: France 24 preview in pictures.

Le Web 3 in pictures

December has been a very busy (and exciting) month. The two Le Web 3 days were full of talking, meeting, eating and blogging. I blogged very much – thanks to Evectors and Paolo Valdemarin who sponsored me – in my Italian blog, Pandemia. I did a lot of pictures too and they are all in my Flickr account.

The french “gateaux” were looking extraordinary🙂 as You can see.

Link: Le Web 3 in pictures.

Gabe Mac and me

Great meetings during Le Web 3 in Paris some weeks ago. I was very pleased to meet face to face one of the most funny videoblogger worldwide: Gabe Mac of Xolo.tv.

Gabe is dutch and he is doing a very good job with his blogging. Gabe said in his panel that Xolo.tv has now 20 people working on it and it did 500.000 euros during its last six months. Wow!

It was the first time we met each other and he was really nice… and also Gabe shot a picture during the night party. Thank You Gabe.

Link: Gabe’s personal blog and Xolo.tv.

Magic moments

Today is a very special day.

One of the most read newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore, has a cover story about the Italian blogosphere, inside the weekly Nòva (it is not online, sorry). I have the pleasure to be the author of three of them, all about blogs. One of them is about Pandemia, the most linked blog for BlogBabel.

I am also very proud that Repubblica.it, the most read italian online news site, has published my first article. It is about Le Web 3. I would like to add many many opinions about this event but I have no time at this moment.

Link: BlogBabel and Repubblica.it on Le Web 3.

Video blogging reportage from France 24 HQ

France 24 is publishing the video messages, one after another, recorded during last saturday. Everyone of the 12 bloggers recorded at least one of it and also we recorded a cross interview with another blogger.

Now You can find some of them on Dailymotion. I recorded my message for my Italian audience but I also did a short one in English.

Link: Videoblogging from France 24.

Buzz marketing on IHT

Doreen Carvajal yesterday wrote an article for International Herald Tribune about buzz marketing and blogs. She quoted me from my Italian blog, Pandemia, because of a public debate about marketing in the blogosphere.

I will post something thoughts after the France 24 week end in Paris during today (I hope) and next days. Now I want to thanks all the France 24 staff and BuzzParadise team for a lot of very exciting moments.

Link: Buzz marketing on International Herald Tribune.