Likemind.Anc next friday

It is a pleasure for me to host (in partnership with Antonio) the first Likemind meeting in Italy next friday morning in Ancona.

What is a Likemind? It an opportunity to enjoy coffee and conversation as the Piers and Noah idea. Everyone can host one (with a friend) the third friday of every month. There is no agenda: everyone can come and speak at any time and go. Simple, funny and a good way to meet old and new friends with common interests.

The idea is really viral and this month there are Likemind meetings in USA, Europe and Asia in London, Dallas, Los Angeles, London, Oslo, Jakarta and… Ancona!🙂 We will meet in one of the best confectioner’s shop in town. See You there next friday, 16th of February at 8 o’clock (CET).


What a week! iWiW, Buzz Paradise, Windows Vista, Il Sole 24 Ore and more

I would like to write more in this blog but I have a lot to say and few moments to blog about it. I could try at least a weekly update, I hope. This week was really crazy because of my blogger life.

Monday I was in Milan to attend to a special meeting where Microsoft presented the brand new Windows Vista to a small group of italian blogger. It was also a good opportunity to meet some blogger friends. The day after I had an appointment with the founders of iWiW, the most popular hungarian social network. An english conversation about a possibile italian version of iWiW: cool!

Soon after I took a taxi to go to Il Sole 24 Ore (the main economical italian newspaper) headquarters to join the Nòva crew to finish the latest article for them as a free lance. In the afternoon I met the top two editor in chief of Il Sole 24 Ore to talk about a possibile collaboration. It was really a pleasure to meet them.

In the evening I found at home a small box from Luxembourg. Inside there was the coolest gadget I ever received from a company as a gift: a small optical wireless mouse from Buzz Paradise. Thank You very much indeed.

I think 2007 will be a huge year to become a full time blogger or a full time consultant for blogging contents. I have many signs to be confident about it. We’ll see.

Link: Windows Vista Album and the small Buzz Paradise mouse.