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Tobacco related diseases are the second biggest avoidable cause of death world-wide (around 5 million deaths every year) and the single largest cause of death in Europe: today, tobacco accounts for over 650,000 deaths every year in the European Union, i.e. one death out of seven. News - HELP

Arrivano i nostri (via Photo.AlBlog)

people using the Web to trade tips about suicide and, in some cases, to form suicide pacts Tracking an Online Trend, and a Route to Suicide - New York Times

The Internet is stealing our audiences and our ads. Samuelson: Can the News Business Survive? - Newsweek Robert Samuelson -

But can crowds predict whether a book will succeed? Publisher to Let the Public Have a Vote on Book Projects - New York Times

E’ come dire “mi serve un furgone, intanto compro una moto”. Quinta ‘s weblog : Il Blog di Stefano Quintarelli: LA FIBRA CHE RIDE. Discutiamo della NGN come per la TAV e per la Variante di Valico!

It’s the story of a group of folks in Poland getting arrested after having their homes raided for creating free translation subtitles for various movies. Techdirt: Free Subtitles = Two Years In Jail?

Martedì prossimo, precisamente il 22 maggio dalle ore 15 circa, inauguriamo la sede della nostra redazione su Second Life. Ci vediamo su Second Life? » – Marco Mazzei