Famous last words /2

From my last week tubleblogging. Enjoy!

Face à Canal France, qui regroupe Canal , Canalsat et TPS, se profile la menace des 13 millions d’abonnés au haut débit.

Le Monde.fr : Canalsat tire les bénéfices de sa fusion avec TPS



The internet is “dead and boring,” Cuban says in an interview with Portfolio.com. “We have reached the point of diminishing returns with today’s internet

Executives Column – The World According to … by Lloyd Grove: Mark Cuban – Portfolio.com

Social media, which includes Facebook, MySpace, social bookmarking sites, YouTube, etc., has become the basis for Web 2.0. And we know from several studies that these Web 2.0 sites and networks are attracting young (and older) Web users like flies to honey.

Welcome to the Digital Edge


VIEWED from Iraq at the tail end of a 15-month deployment, the political debate in Washington is indeed surreal.

The War as We Saw It – New York Times

“The worst mistake a journalist can make is misspelling someone’s name. How would you like it if the newspaper misspelled your name?”

The worst mistake a journalist can make « sans serif

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