About 600 Wal-Mart stores will carry the $199 Linux-powered “Green gPC” made by Everex of Taiwan Wal-Mart Sells $199 Linux Computer: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance


I use the term ‘Googzilla’ to describe the current incarnation of Google,” Arnold said. “This idea is that Googzilla is big, powerful, and indifferent to the insects and ants crushed by its massive paws. Google Stock Barrels Through $700: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Well, maybe it is a bubble. But out in Silicon Valley, they don’t think of that as a bad thing at all. Why the Web 2.0 Bubble Doesn’t Bother Silicon Valley — New York Magazine

It took Google’s shares 52 weeks to move from $400 to $500. It took another 46 weeks to get from $500 to $600. The next hundred bucks? A shade over three weeks, by the look of things. The stock was less than a dime away from $700 at one point on Tuesday. FT.com | Tech … Continue reading

In the 21st Century luxury will be available to everybody at the right cost and here is a taste of that future. We’ve used the language of business class airlines because they know how to use a small space and some of the technology of luxury yachts to create our two tier cabin system. YOTEL … Continue reading

I’ve had it. I get more than 300 emails a day and my problem isn’t spam (Cloudmark Desktop solves that nicely), it’s PR people The Long Tail: Sorry PR people: you’re blocked

Clark describes The Economist not as a business magazine per se but a current affair one that reaches “a well and broadly informed audience which grew 15% in circulation and 22% growth in ad pages. HipMojo.com - Main Street Meets Madison Avenue, Wall Street and Silicon Valley » The Future of Business Media - Consumer Business … Continue reading

It was entirely by accident that he turned his talents to exposing the Internet-porn business, he says ‘Times’ Reporter Kurt Eichenwald’s Tragic Attempt to Save Child-Porn Star Justin Berry - Money 2007 — New York Magazine

A computer developed for poor children around the world, dubbed ‘the $100 laptop,’ has reached a milestone: Its price tag is now $200. Price of MIT professor’s “$100 laptop” hits $200 | Tech&Sci | Technology | Reuters.com

The title of this issue is, yes, lifted from the television show called Dirty Sexy Money, which is about a rich New York family that behaves badly. We don’t have any stories like that in here, but there is plenty of bad behavior involving money, or at least very questionable behavior involving money Dirty Money … Continue reading