Weekly madness

It is a paradox but it is only reality: this blog is not very updated because the owner has too many things to write.

This week only:

– I had a meeting with a major media company to talk about online media;
– I had a meeting with one of the best known italian food brand to talk about buzz marketing;
– I met Walter Veltroni, leader of the biggest center left party in Italy;
– I was invited to a premiere of Into the Wild, great, great movie;
– I spent some times in Athens with many many enjoying moments;

2008 has started in the best way it could🙂

Dai raga, siate clementi! Evabbè, ho visto le foto così e bam… m’è presa una botta di fighettite acuta. Già passata, tranquilli. Non c’è dubbio: il macbook air è il primo esempio di computer soft-core. E Jobs è il re della pornografia elettronica.

Good Job(s)! — Simplicissimus