Fatte le carte di imbarco arriva poi il vero colpo di teatro: siccome eravamo stati così gentili da anticipare il volo, facendogli un grosso favore, Air France ci offriva un voucher da 150 Euro a testa (o un rimborso di 75 euro) per il disturbo. E una volta scelto per il rimborso l’hostess ci ha accompagnati alla biglietteria, dove hanno provveduto ad accreditarci immediatamente l’importo.

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Less personal, more professional

I have started to work as a full time freelance social media consultant since june 2007. It is not easy to address different customers, to keep all my blogs updated (they are a sort of business card for me) and to manage my personal business ( I am also a local politician for the Green party in my town Senigallia).

I need to focus my attention doing less thing and I decided to try to apply some of the tips learned reading 4-Hour Work Week, a book You should read.

I’ll try to start aggregating most of my digital identities and properties in a new personal/professional blog on my personal domain lucaconti.it. I would like to use it as a real business card with many updates from the projects and clients I work for (Rai, Dol, BuzzParadise and some others coming next).

One result will be that I’ll blog less and less about personal stuff like politics, reading, movie, music, news but more about lessons learned working in the social media arena. I’ll be pretty busy during next weeks as I have been since last months but I promise: before summer season this blog will change a lot.

I’ll keep You… posted😉