Today the most effective political Web site would be YouTube. With the pervasiveness of mobile phone cameras, it is rare to hear of a human rights violation, a political event or a major incident that isn’t accompanied with a mobile phone video published on YouTube. Need to Know - PostGlobal: PostGlobal on


Surely the crucial point is how are these blogs in general - particular posts, individual comments and the overall feel of them - are impacting on the credibility of that newspaper? Blogging in newspapers - the 3Cs still apply « Groves Media

Great content and an empathetic community manager are critical, but the real reasons people particpate include: 1. The expectation that they will get something back that will be useful to them 2. The desire for increased personal recognition in a peer group 3. A sense of community and the willingness to solve something together 4. …

Web Strategy: The Three Spheres of Web Strategy (and the skills required)

Everything you wanted to know about BBC online «

Publishers sold 3.13 billion books last year, compared with 3.1 billion in 2006 Potter Was Still Magical, but Not All Books Rose -

It’s starting to look to me like the Drudge Report has more influence on the nation’s media than the Associated Press… Drudge Report holds sway over media elite - Lost Remote TV Blog

a blockbuster story that gets linked to, say, Drudge, is money in the bank. The Internet Effect on News - Swampland - TIME

only in the current season, which ends Thursday night, has Lost achieved complexity and intricacy worthy of the critical attention it’s been receiving all along. Why the fourth season of Lost is the best one yet. - By Juliet Lapidos - Slate Magazine