He’s just 37, but his best films are so far behind him, it’s as if he’s forgotten how he made them work. Shyamalan’s Lost Sense - TIME


You feel like you’re not watching the end of the world but the end of a career. The Happening Movie Review - The Happening Movie Trailer - The Boston Globe

La migliore, alla quale mi sono iscritto sia a causa del due di picche della Ceramica Dolomite, sia perché il responsabile italiano è l’amico Luca Conti, sembra essere BuzzParadise. Autorevolissimevolmente » PensierInEccesso 2.0

Communication is a great thing but over-communication I think can also be a detriment. Living Without Twitter – With No Regrets

Yes, there’s some envy and hate out there. But again, I still believe that you can have a blog and not get involved in these petty quarrels. It’s harder when it becomes a business, but it’s important that you have a set of principles you adhere to; your audience will recognize that. Blogger’s Dilemma: Huge …

the cover was meant to be a satire of all the Republican fear-mongering about the Democratic presidential candidate, New Yorker cover sparks blog firestorm » mathewingram.com/work |

In Bruges, movie and soundtrack

Friday I decided to watch In Bruges and suddenly I was in love with its beautiful soundtrack. You cannot miss it, the movie... and the soundtrack! IMDB community knows it: 8.1 rating! Link: In Bruges.

I am a FriendFeed addicted

You have a huge opportunity to follow all my online activities - blogging, twitting, flickring and more - only in one place. FriendFeed is the best solution to do it and it is great to start new conversations too. You should try it but beware: it is strongly addictive! Link: My FriendFeed page.