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The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World -

It is about time that america stops considering europe, as america’s supermarket MYBLOG by Ouriel: The day Europe will stop being America’s supermarket / Weekend / Reportage - The trouble with Starbucks

Try it yourself and see how many pitiful excuses you can find for not reading a book you own Bookninja » Blog Archive » Tough times advice: read books you already own

There seems to be a reason for everything… but at the end of the day, three major logistical requirements of any conference were not met. That’s failure. What’s a Web Conference Without the Web? | CloudAve

Below 40 inches, 1080p is a complete waste Flat-Panel TV Prices Have Plummeted Across the Board -

Come inutili sono le intenzioni di sapere usare saggiamente questi strumenti, solo una vana speranza. :: Mash-ups in italy ::