Abbiamo bisogno di ingegneri, abbiamo bisogno di tecnici importanti. Una sola preghiera: non vi iscrivete a scienze della comunicazione, non fate questo tragico errore, che paghereste per il resto della vita! BRUNO VESPA ATTACCA SCIENZE DELLA COMUNICAZIONE.::comunitàzione::.


for someone who loves making things on the web, spending 100% of the time blogging about what other people are making is simply untenable Letter From The Editor: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Facebook and MySpace are great, easy ways to blog and build, or participate in, a community, but by participating, people are giving their content away. MediaShift . Warning: Dependence on Facebook, Twitter Could Be Hazardous to Your Business | PBS

Best things to do with a book is to lend them Bookcamp: Designing the socialised book — Chocolate and Vodka

this note is to communicate to our users that we screwed up royally with regards to how we handled this specific content removal and to apologize for our lack of strong execution Hulu CEO: “We screwed up royally” - (37signals)

Why don’t you guys leave me alone — why is this important? Worldwide