Se avessi da parte un gruzzolo, investirei con decisione sull’informazione locale Giornalisti a Perugia » Sergio Maistrello


Insomma, c’è stata una pandemia mediatica Emergenza del racconto - Luca De Biase

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Guy admits that he has people who find things and tweet for him. He doesn’t understand why that’s a big deal and people are laughing. My stomach is turning. Seriously Guy Kawasaki on Twitter at SES New York | Liveblog Coverage

He dialed my regular American cellphone number, which forwarded to my SkypeIn number, which, in turn, forwarded (via SkypeOut) to my Italian cellphone numbe Staying in Touch Internationally, on the Cheap - Frugal Traveler Blog -

The search for information resembles a walk through an overbuilt quarter of an ancient capital. Wikipedia - Exploring Fact City -

manca la partecipazione, manca il pubblico di riferimento che siano i ragazzi, le signore o i signori, gli anziani, non c’è quasi nessuno se non gli addetti ai lavori. Senigallia, la buona volontà non basta « Anna Torcoletti

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When we read the book, we make the movie: we cast it, visualize it, control its pacing. We own it. ‘Watchmen’ Review: (A Few) Moments of Greatness - TIME