New opportunities, new life?

I am going to London for a few days to meet people of a new social media agency. I am not yet on holiday as I would like to be but I am happy anyway🙂

I see my life is going to change (professionaly) again and I like this scenario. To be honest there are two scenarios at the moment and they are both exciting! I cannot write more now because I did not choose what to do and I need more time but I am positive.

Last months I realized there is a lot to do in Italy to improve private and public communication with social media and more so I see a lot of opportunities even if I feel the crisis is not at the end yet.

Crisi means opportunity and I am confident 2010 will be a great year but there are still 5 months to go. Months full of fun and projects. In my agenda I have these destinations, for fun and work: Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Greece, Cambodia, Thailand, Portugal (?).

Great time to live. I am feeling lucky.