Old life, new life


Change. I like to change. I like to explore new ways. I like this kind of life. This is my life.

After some international talks and meetings between july and august there is nothing really new coming up but I feel fine anyway. Something is going to happen in my private life and I am confident it will deeply change my daily routine. There are only few weeks left.

Starting from september I will restart my digital nomad life. Stuttgart, Athens, Tuscany, London, Amsterdam and Luxembourg are in my next month agenda. Some days of vacation, some international events and some business meeting and I am ready to leave again.

I would like to share more of my personal life but You could feel it as oversharing and I don’t want to bother You. I am waiting for some new Web 2.0 social stuff so I could feel free to do it: it is only matter of time, I am sure 🙂


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