We think that our reporters have an obligation to contact a person who made a comment they would like to quote to verify the source and to essentially approve the use of that person’s remark on Facebook or Twitter, especially when that person is not a public figure News Organizations Not So Sweet on Twitter …


in rete le cose buone dei giornali le si leggono, usano e promuovono La trave nella propria rotativa | Wittgenstein

But it’s a sign Facebook is, indeed, a business Social Media Marketing: Facebook Hits Profitability - Advertising Age - Digital

È un film senza regista: loro scriveranno le storie, noi le ospiteremo. Viaggiare Terra e Mare

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If online media and entertainment companies don’t improve every day, they will just wind up as the newfangled version of Reader’s Digest — bankrupt An Advertising Shift Helps Blogs Survive as Businesses - NYTimes.com

Goodbye Naxos

It has been a great time in Greece as always. This time I relaxed in Naxos, the biggest island of the Small Cyclades. I enjoyed it even if the weather was not perfect. Now my greek collection is composed by: Naxos, Koufonissi, Sifnos, Paros, Mikonos. What will be next? You can find a Naxos (and …