Time Magazine interview about Internet, politics and Italy

I am very happy Time Magazine asked me to answer to a few questions about Internet in Italy. I don’ like what is going on now, but this is Italy today.

Some say that Italy’s ruling class is just struggling to keep pace with the Internet revolution. “Italy’s political culture is far removed from new technology,” says Luca Conti, 34, a blogger in the coastal city of Senigallia. “They’re not even focused yet on how to control the Internet since they haven’t even figured out how to use it to their advantage.” Case in point: more than 100,000 people attended an anti-Berlusconi rally in Rome last month that was organized on Facebook, but the top opposition politicians snubbed the event. Conti says the country’s leaders — left, right and center — are still focused solely on reaching the public via TV and newspapers. And unlike the Internet, the movers and shakers of the old media are some very familiar faces.

Berlusconi vs. Google: Will Italy Censor YouTube?


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  1. It seems bizarre that the Italian government have been so slow to make use of the internet, bearing in mind most of their fiercest critics (Beppe Grillo comes to mind), find their audience through the web. Is it symptomatic of how the Italian authorities react to anything new/alien – with mistrust?

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