Top 10 Myths About Our E-book Future

Number 10: E-books will evolve into all-knowing robots that will implant carnivorous baby e-books inside our brains and devour our heads from within. via Nathan Bransford - Literary Agent: Top 10 Myths About Our E-book Future.


Google CV

I believe you should have more control over your digital résumé. Invest the time necessary to build up your Google CV, since it is now the only CV that really counts via Part I: Answers to Questions About Internet Privacy - Bits Blog -

We are in a wiki war

There are also rules for Wiki War. Rule #1. The Internet is neutral. No party can count on a decisive and unassailable advantage in cyberspace. Rule #2. Geography matters. The expanses of cyberspace are not the Wild West. Governments have a great deal of power to manage the electrons that traverse their borders. They should use that power … Continue reading We are in a wiki war

The fridge guy

Colin Firth revealed that he had been on the point of turning down the part and had the email to director Tom Ford in his outbox, waiting to be sent. Then a man arrived to repair his refrigerator and Firth reconsidered. He thanked "the fridge guy" in his speech via A Single Man (2009) - Trivia.