We are in a wiki war

There are also rules for Wiki War.

Rule #1. The Internet is neutral. No party can count on a decisive and unassailable advantage in cyberspace.

Rule #2. Geography matters. The expanses of cyberspace are not the Wild West. Governments have a great deal of power to manage the electrons that traverse their borders. They should use that power wisely.

Rule #3. Cyber-strategic leaders are needed. The best way to win online is not to mess with the rules but to beat the competition. Washington has to be more adept at operating in the online world. That includes preventing digital leaks and responding to security compromises when they occur.

via Digital Pentagon Papers Are the Future Face of War – James Jay Carafano – The Corner on National Review Online.

Dig down in time

This legend [grav deg ned I tide] on my t-shirt is really quite nice. It’s from the Norwegian journalist association SKUP and it says, dig down in time. It’s a reference to the snowfalls in Norway — that if you’re up in the mountains and there’s a lot of snow, you’ve got to dig down in time to be safe but for investigative journalism this is dig down deep into the archives to understand

by Julian Paul Assange

via Sun, 25 Jul 2010 18:00:02 -0400 | WesPac | Securing America Community.