Living in a parallel universe, or two

Yes, parallel universe is the best definition I could use to describe my latest holidays. A parallel universe (or two, because my holidays where in two different places, with different people) with only a few links with my usual universe (just an internet connection and a mobile phone line, plus some italian food) and new perspectives.

Yes, it is still Earth and a few longitudes from my place, but so unique to be a very parallel universe. How could I define an environment where everyday life (eating and sleeping) is not clock controlled? Landscapes and lifestyles with new priorities: from one side wind, water’s temperature and weather forecasts, from the other level of sunshine, sun screen and people’s behavior, to look at new point of view and alternative way to live your spaces.

Daily routine completely changes: primary needs, cultural consumption (I read 7 books in 26 days), nature and new personal relations development.

At the end od the day You consider Your life like a journey You can change because it is not immutable anymore. It is Your choice. Explore new universes and choose the best for You because Your actual universe could not be the best one.

What about Your personal experience?

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