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Problems seem so much larger and more frightening when you’re not doing something about them Peak oil: two words to worry about

Experience is a dear school, but fools will learn at no other.” Of course, “dear” in this context means “very expensive. Blink and you’ll miss it - The Globe and Mail

Pictures of the day: 31 August 2010 - Telegraph

needtherapy: halfbakedidea: Via Found A real Canadian would have said please. Proud canadian!

Once again, the world is about to end. Eternal Fascinations with the End: Why We’re Suckers for Stories of Our Own Demise: Scientific American

Per tornare a casa. E poi ripartire. Alberto Marzetta » Tornati a casa. Con la voglia di ripartire.

fred-wilson: i gotta go check this out. will be back in NYC tonight and plan to head up there Foursquare Takes Over Times Square With A Massive Display Ad