Canadian Diary – Day 1

I am now in Montreal, Canada, for 4 weeks visiting friends. I’ll try to write a daily post for this experience as I will be always online, more or less.

It had a smooth start. At the airport I had no problem at all but only a long wait for my baggage as You always do in Fiumicino, Rome airport.

Canadians are similar to Americans: big cars, large spaces, large houses, big bottle of everything as You are going to prepare for a tornado, a swimming pool for everyone and air conditioning everywhere.

Where I live now it is very similar to Wisteria Lane of Desperate Housewives: same street, same buildings even if I saw only a housewive till now 🙂 Everything is quite and I also saw a squirrel going around the garden.

This one is a usual weekend for Canadians not as in Italy for Ferragosto. Probably we are going to visit Montreal downtown tonight. I’ll let You know in my next post.

Have a nice weekend!