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There are so many people claiming to be social-media experts or gurus, and I think [if you’re hiring one] you should be a little bit skeptical. People think, “OK, I’ve mastered Facebook and I’ve mastered Twitter, I’m going to start consulting on the social-media side.” But they really don’t have the experience and the track record of success. I caution businesses to do their research when hiring people, and to make sure they have case studies and a list of their clients, and testimonials and all those things, because otherwise you’re going to get somebody who sits at home in their pyjamas and hangs out on Twitter.

via Social media: Amber Macs new rules of engagement | Technology | Trends | Canadian Business Online.


One thought on “Social media guru

  1. Concordo appieno. Sia in Italia che in America. Ma il problema è anche chi traccia il successo di 150 commenti per un buzz e lo fa pagare 50.000€ non trovi?
    Il “ROI” nel social media marketing non diventa più grosso se lo misuri.

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