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Olympians at a stretch

theguardianeyewitness: Child gymnasts aged between four and seven years old stretch themselves on wooden bars at the gymnastics hall of a sports school in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, China

mediaite: inothernews: Haha, The New Yorker has a collection online of airport security-themed cartoons published well before the current TSA brouhaha—the earliest dating back to 1938.  This one is by Ed Fisher and ran in the September 8, 1972 edition.  Click on the cartoon for more. Same as it ever was; same as it ever … Continue reading

tekneco: Si prepara la conferenza sul clima di Cancun e questo sito permetterà di seguirla al massimo dell’interattività. Basterà usare il tag #oneclimate > Cancun Climate Conference News and Video