The Council of dads, moving and inspiring

The Council of Dads, one of my best book of 2010. Two quotes of wisdom from it:

“I’ll tell you the same thing I told your brother when he was trying to decide whether to move to England for a year,” he said. “Take a year. Give it a try. When you’re fifty years old, you will have spent two percent of your life trying to make your dream come true. And when you look back, I think you’ll realize it was a good two percent.” The Two Percent Rule

‘Let’s find a dream that can work,’” he said. “It may not be the first dream, or the dream of the moment. But you shift your dreams. You find a dream that might come true. And when it does, you focus on the joy of the success rather than the devastation of defeat. Because in my experience, anybody can dream an impossible dream. But only a few find a dream that’s possible. “And those are the ones that are happy.”