First day in Kabul

I will be quick because after writing a lot of posts for my Italian blog I have not a lot of time left. Wake up is in 5 hours to change city for next three days.

Today was my first day in Afghanistan and in Kabul. I had a couple of briefing at ISAF/NATO HQ. I could not go around the city because of security reason and for the same reason we had to postpone our move to the next city. I feel very safe anyway, the hotel where we are is very international (a guest house, I should call it) and very protected: two levels of security to get inside also with armed guards.

The weather is quite hot (35C), dry and the altitude (1800 m.) is not helping me to recove from sleep deprivation and jetlag (+2h30min because of summertime).

Next three days I’ll not be in Kabul and I don’t know if I’ll have a internet connection to blog and tweet. We will see.