It has been a long time…

Tomorrow I will start a new year. Why tomorrow? Because I have been busy traveling during last 8 weeks and now I back to business. After traveling in South East Asia I am back in Italy with many new friends, lots of good experince and more.

Fuck SEO, fuck business goals. I want this blog to be a open conversation with people I care around the world and people who care about me and my topics. I don’t care how many will read it. My goal is to write, day by day, a open diary about what I learn, what I do (in public) and how I improved my life and myself. Maybe it will not be daily, maybe I will blog more, who knows?

What I want is to reopen this space so we can have a conversation in a space that is completely mine, not Facebook, not Twitter, not anywhere else.

You are welcomed to jump in the conversation anytime You have anything interesting to add.