Uncluttering Your books collection

What follows has been in draft for 2 years but it could still be useful so I am going to publish it. My digital collection has now “only” 2250 ebooks and I gave away many more paper books in this time frame.

I am not alone thinking about how to make my books collection live again. I love books, paper or digital, don’t get me wrong, but I am not attached to any object neither books. Last week I deleted nearly 5000 ebooks from my collection, crap, duplicates and books I’ll never read so now I have more than 6500 ones.

My books collection (in paper) is not so big but, since a couple of years, I decided “one in, ine out”. I still have some space but I don’t like to collect books I’ll never read or to keep books I would like other people could read. For these reasons I like to donate my read books to friends and to the local library. 95% of the times You’ll not read them again and they’ll not be of any reference, especially technical books or internet related books so… why should I keep them?

Becoming minimalist has also some useful tips if You are not still convinced it’s a good thing.