My new book: Content marketing

content marketing copertina.jpg

Starting from today my new book is available to buy on Amazon and everywhere in Italy. It’s in Italian only, sorry folks. As You can see from the title this is a book about content marketing or how to promote Your business leveraging the power of good online contents.

Contents are: articles, videos, pictures, infographics, tweets, ebooks and more.

Writing a book is always a challenge. You have to deal with a deadline and You have to do Your job at the same time or at least You can’t disappear just writing it. I would like to but being an author of business books in Italy is not enough to make a living from it.

This is also my 10th book published by Hoepli. We started working together in 2008 and I published my first book with them in 2009, Facebook for business. At the time it was quite revolutionary.

To celebrate (i am kidding!) I am going for 3 weeks in New York City from next week. I will not just enjoy my friends and the city but I will work on two books this time, a new challenge and a new series in the Italian For Dummies collection.

Content marketing