General news reading? A waste of time

I highly recommend You to read Jasky Singh experience about reading news. I stopped watching tv news, listening to news radio and reading newspapers for the same reason.

On top of that he shares a story I want to quote:

As our business was in its growth trajectory, we were looking to hire a talented sales consultant. One who really had a desire to make a difference.

We were down to two seemingly brilliant candidates.

So, they were both hired for a one-day trial. In this trial each was given a list of potential clients they needed to contact and show how well they could develop a relationship

(they didn’t know they were both given the same list).

Furthermore, they didn’t know that the list of clients they were given weren’t real clients.

They were people we had recruited to play a specific role. Which was to be blunt, show no interest what so ever, be frustrated, and in a mad rush.

I had a debriefing with each consultant individually after this trial.

That went really bad”.

“Everyone is rude, miserable, and just too difficult to convince. No one needs our help or wants what we have to offer!” the first consultant told me.

The second one was the complete opposite. He said, “That went amazing! It was such a good challenge. I learnt more in that one day on objections and developing relationships than I have in any other role, it was really exciting!”

Your attitude about life changes everything.