Blogging, content marketing and making money online


WordLift content chief, Maria Silvia Sanna, asked me a few questions about blogging, content marketing and more. You can read the full interview in their web site.

According to your experience, is there a way to create an economic value through a blog?

L. I keep on firmly believing that a blog is capable of contributing to create value: never underestimate the social side of the web, especially Facebook, because that’s where people spend more and more time (maybe too much, in my opinion). In this scenario, wisely keeping a blog means weighing the contribution it can offer, in a mix of different content formats. The specific value of a blog can be derived from the opportunity of owning an online identity under one’s complete control. Of course you can get thousands of easy clicks on Facebook, but relying on social web only, means investing a lot in advertising and becoming a “digital sharecropper” working for a more powerful absentee landlord. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe just nostalgic, but I know one thing for sure. I don’t like it.

More than once, you wrote that you consider blogs as hubs of good content marketing strategies. Do you think that blogs will still be relevant in the years to come, when referred to the context of an evolving social web?

L. There are powers, such as Blockchain, whose aim is to avoid that the web will converge into too few hands. This challenge is apparently much like tilting at windmills when we consider the power that Facebook has today, but only time can tell. Not everyone happy being confined into a Facebook page, and this is the reason why I think bloggers still have more aces in their sleeves.

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