Big Dive 6: registrations open until May 14th 2017


Big Dive is the training program designed to boost the technical skills needed to dive into the BIG DATA universe, to extract value and to create social and economic impact.

After years of hype around the BIG DATA word, recent trends are showing the most effective and concrete value hidden within the data as well as tangible and practical use-cases. AI – Artificial intelligence is exploding as the new disruptive technology needed to win in the future. However, on a closer inspection, AI is definitely not a new concept.

What is really new is actually the huge amount of data that enables Deep Learning Neural Networks as well as Machine Learning algorithms to “be trained” like never before. Similarly, we are getting used to talk to robots in our messaging applications. Once again, “chatbot” technology is definitely not “rocket science” but it takes advantage of NLP (Natural Language Processing) recent improvements based, again, on gigantic data sources coming from online conversations, social networks and digital text analysed with modern datascience approach. And these are just a few examples: we expect further progresses in the field of Data Visualization, maybe leveraging new 360° and immersive technologies, as well as in Data-Driven PolicyMaking and agent-based model simulations.

In this dynamic framework, full of uncertainty and where today’s discoveries destroy the beliefs of the past, the ingredients of the recipe of success are still the same: / An immersive Data Culture / Strong scientific validation / An open agile approach / Solid inter-disciplinary contamination / Team perspective (vs solitary work) / A bits-on & hands-on state of mind that leverages the learn-by-doing through real data and real challenges.

All these facts are the reason why, after 5 successful editions, BIG DIVE is still an effective opportunity and a valuable chance for wannabe data scientists, datadriven developers and datadriven designers.

BIG DIVE Standard next edition: June 19th – July 21st, 2017

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