Audio A conscious breath - Tratta dalla colonna sonora di The Cove Fantastica quanto semplice e delicata

Audio davidpress: lifeserial: “Swimming” Abel Korzeniowski, A SINGLE MAN (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK)

Audio billyrood: Current music for editing & creative research. The amazing Abel Korzeniowski from the score of A Single Man by Tom Ford. You can view the trailer here.

Audio Un’altra tra le le migliori colonne sonore del 2009 moviescore: Clinton Shorter Main TitlesDistrict 9 (2009)

Audio Personalmente adoro questa colonna sonora! brilliantinemortality: ‘Welcome to Lunar Industries’ - Clint Mansell (from the Moon soundtrack) Elements of this piece (my favourite) recur throughout the film. The whole soundtrack is atmospheric and stunningly gorgeous, Clint Mansell has really outdone himself.