When reality gets in the way

When reality gets in the way of your plan, abandon the plan and reboot. It’s not what you wanted, but it is what it is, so don’t fight it. From The little book of calm


Writing sentences

You can only become a better writer by becoming a better reader. From Several short sentences about writing.

Why jetlag exists?

Jetlag exists because our bodies have a brake that slows adjustment whenever we move into a new rhythm of darkness and light. It’s a form of resistance to change: the body shifts cautiously into the new rhythm, and it is that caution that prevents our rapid adjustment to a new ambient time zone. If body …

The art of death cleaning

It should be said that “death cleaning,” translated from the Swedish döstädning, does not necessarily involve the dreaded fact of death; rather, it is the steady acknowledgement and anticipation that you should start shedding the baggage of life rather than leave it for your unfortunate children to deal with (see: dildos, above). It’s also about …

The People Vs Tech

IN THE COMING FEW years either tech will destroy democracy and the social order as we know it, or politics will stamp its authority over the digital world. It is becoming increasingly clear that technology is currently winning this battle, crushing a diminished and enfeebled opponent. This book is about why this is happening, and …