Planning fallacy

One of the best book I read during 2014: Have you ever underestimated how long a task will take? If you have, you are far from alone. The term for this very common phenomenon is the “planning fallacy.”6 This term, coined by Daniel Kahneman in 1979, refers to people’s tendency to underestimate how long a …


New challenges for Simplicissimus

As You already know I have been collaborating with Simplicissimus Book Farm since September 2013. I have been in charge of the international business development and I still am. My team is getting bigger and bigger and I am happier and happier. Check out our tribe page with all our members.

Exclusive interview with Brian Solis about the future of business

During last days I interviewed Brian Solis now that an Italian translation of his last book is finally available. Disruptive technology What would You suggest to a family medium business like hundreds or thousands in Italy? How could they embrace this positive change? Where should they start from? Disruptive technology is just that…it’s disruptive. Every …