First stop, Mykonos

Here we are. Our first stop of this EasyCruise long week end is Mykonos. We are just arrived and we are ready to go to visit it. My shuttle to the beach is leaving in one hour time.

The weather is good even id not perfect.

We did an emergency demonstration this morning and I saw a lot of young girls😉 most of them british. Internet connection is working fine and I think I’ll be back later today or tonight for another round up.

I am sorry but I cannot upload photos at this time (no USB port) but I’ll upload them on my Flickr account as soon as I’ll come back in Italy monday or tuesday.

I have less than 4 minutes left so goodbye and have a good week end.

EasyCruise, Greek Islands I am coming

EasyCruise One

As You can see with the new header, this blog (and his author) is going to take a few days off to the Greek Islands with an EasyCruise… cruise.🙂

During next days before the departure I will start to introduce this long week end so You know where I am going and to do what. I will take off from Milan to Athens with an EasyJet flight next september 6th and I will come back to land in Athens Sep. 10th.

Enjoy this experience with me.