The impact of flying on the environment

There’s no way around the fact that flights are bad news for the environment. Its not just that planes are worse than most other forms of transport in terms of the impact of greenhouse gases per passenger mile. Just as important is the simple fact that flying allows us to travel a far greater number of miles than we otherwise could. Thanks to these two factors, individual trips by air can have a remarkably large carbon footprint – which helps explain why aviation has become such a heated issue in the climate change debate

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Communication, environment and WordPress

Next weekend I’ll take part in two event in Milan area.

The first one is one huge barcamp about WordPress and blogging in Italy. It could be a great opportunity to meet and discuss the evolution of blog & corporation. I’ll have a speech about it next friday just after Andy Peatling, BuddyPress guru and special gust for this event.

Sunday afternoon I’ll be honoured to take part in another event during Park’s day. We’ll talk about environment, communication and Internet thanks to a workshop organized by Ente Parchi Lago Maggiore and Francesca D’Amato. Good opportunity to talk about three of my greatest passions.

Blog Action Day 2007 – Environment

I have been an environmentalist since many many years so I am very happy that today is a blog day devoted to speak about the environmental issues. Thousands of blogs today are blogging about it thanks to the Blog Action Day.

I worked for WWF Italy and I am yet a member of it. It is important to support this kind of ONG and I hope that they will have more and more power every day. It is good that Al Gore won the Nobel Prize. We have not a lot of time to change our way of life.

Let’s start together. Let’s do something every day not only today.

I suggest You to take part in the Reuters social network to be updated about carbon issues and related news like climate change.

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