Facebook Friends and our circle for support

The point is that even if Facebook transforms our "online friends" into a vast, nameless cloud, we still count on our real life social circle for support via Facebook Friends : The Frontal Cortex.


Famous last words /1

Do You know Tumblr? It is a very simple and smart blog platform You can use to quote text, images, video and more from Your daily web reading. I have one and I love it really a lot. Starting this week I would like to blog the english web reading quotes also here, so we …

In love with Facebook

I must confess. I am in love with Facebook. Now I am blogging inside Facebook. You can do a lot of things without leaving it. The secret of its success is the possibility to develop and use many applications from different web site (YouTube, Flickr, iLike) and different social network (Twitter, Anobii, ...). Are You …