Chief International Business Development with Simplicissimus Book Farm

I would like to share a good news with You in this hot hot summer. I have been appointed new Chief International Business Development for Simplicissimus Book Farm (SBF), the Italian company working in the digital content business.

As You can see in the picture Antonio Tombolini have been celebrating this new step with me in front of SBF headquarter.


I’ll continue to travel a lot to find new partners, publishers and more to work together expanding distribution of ebooks and digital magazines around the world. First stops of next weeks: Rio de Janeiro, Rome, FrankFurt.

Because of my international job I’ll blog more here and on a new blog inside Simplicissimus english web site.

Have You ever tried reading ebooks? and the world of social, local and mobile is now available in Italian. Last days I had the opportunity to exchange some emails with Chris Seth, EVP for Banjo about the state of his app and the world of social, local and mobile web. Here are a few questions and his answers. Enjoy.

Everyone knows that the future is social, local and mobile. What’s Your point of view about it and why we should pay attention to

The future is indeed social, local and mobile. We are social animals – we talk with our friends and operate in a series of networks. We are mobile because we are continually travelling, to places near and far. And we are local because the things that are immediately around us have a direct impact on our lives. So the future is all about location as this provides perspective and relevance for everything that we do, especially when it comes to social media. Knowing where the people, places and things that are important to us are can make our lives better and more rewarding.

Why should you pay attention to Banjo? Banjo is a technology company, at the intersection of mobile search and social discovery, that has developed the most powerful and sophisticated location based technology available today.

Banjo’s technology organizes and personalizes real time geo-spatial indexing of the social graph from more than 400 million people every day. Since launch we have reached over 3 million registered users who are leveraging our unique technology to make sense of all the location data in their lives, ensuring they can always be in touch and never have to miss out on the important things in their life, whether they are around the corner or around the world.

Specifically, we are the only social discovery company addressing the THERE as well as the HERE in location based services.

Our version of the HERE in location offers a better experience for consumers becase we have connected the social graph (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and Linkedin so far), thus adding relevance, accuracy and many more opportunities to connect. Banjo also manages the frequency of notifications so its users are not overwhelmed, and respects the privacy settings for all the social networks it supports.

But the THERE is really far more significant for the future of location based services because so much of what is dynamic in our lives involves some degree of travel and distance. In addition, our social needs are greater in the THERE, when we find ourselves away from the usual relationships such as our close family & friends. Activity further away from us is harder to personalize and predict but ultimately more significant for the end user.

The sheer scale of data in the THERE dwarfs the HERE, so it’s a bigger technical challenge, especially when trying to do this in real time, as everything changes all the time so pre computing relationships, events, where people are, doesn’t really work. This is a huge technical problem to solve but solving it offers a significant reward.

So addressing the THERE delivers a far more complete consumer experience that we believe will forever change the way we discover and connect with people, places and things around the world. Banjo is the only company that is doing this today.
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LIFEBOOK4Life: The Ultra Test Flight from Fujitsu

Fujitsu sent me a new ultrabook UH 572 to take part in a test drive. I can use this quite impressive laptop for two months and I’ll write about it in a special blog. There is also a competition You could enter and win a flight. In the following video You have all the details to engage.

You could also play with John to win one of this machine.

LIFEBOOK4Life: The Ultra Test Flight from Fujitsu – YouTube.

Moneyball strategy for advertising

Interesting point of view about Moneyball (great movie btw!) strategy to the advertising world. Will it work? It is worth a try.

Our industry challenge is to find new customers, or prospects, that will engage with your company, brand, sub-brand, and even SKU. Why not pursue that challenge by finding prospects who have already shown the propensity to be interested in your brand? To put it simply, the techniques we have been using are not strong enough proxies for interest in a given brand with a specific appeal at a specific time online.

via Time for Brands to Play Moneyball, Too | DigitalNext: A Blog on Emerging Media and Technology – Advertising Age.

Lifetelling, storytelling

I started to write a personal blog because I think it is a good way to share experiences, points of view, memories with people to grow together learning from each other. For the same reason I love Cowbird, a storytelling platform made by Jonathan Harris. I decided to ask for an invitation (You can too) and now I have a new space for lifetelling.

I’ll try to use it in the best way, to share deep feelings, good experiences around the world.

I started from Central Park.

This is Cowbird:

[…] Cowbird as a reaction against social networks. If the mobile and social web have made us alone together, Jonathan wants Cowbird to help us be together alone — creating and encountering personal reflections away from the busy digital lifestyle. Although Cowbird has the equivalent of likes, friendships, groups, and tags, they’re kept hidden in small icons or at the bottom of the page.