Social media week Milan, my videos

Last week I have been in Milan for the Italian edition of Social media week. I took part in two event, one about the future of Twitter and the a second one related to self publishing and Narcissus*. Both event are on YouTube. Twitter Self publishing * I work for Simplicissimus who owns Narcissus.


Exclusive interview with Brian Solis about the future of business

During last days I interviewed Brian Solis now that an Italian translation of his last book is finally available. Disruptive technology What would You suggest to a family medium business like hundreds or thousands in Italy? How could they embrace this positive change? Where should they start from? Disruptive technology is just that…it’s disruptive. Every …

Snow in the countryside

Today I am going to Rome and there is snow in the countryside. Saturday I will fly to Mexico and I guess I will see a different landscape 😉 This blog pressed using Tinydesk

Italy May Not Be For You

If you can’t relax, slow down and enjoy the moment, Italy may not be for you via Travel Tip Tuesday : 6 Reasons Italy May Not Be For You | My Melange.