Keith Haring in Pisa

I love it! Diari di Viaggio » Sotto il murale di Keith Haring a Pisa.


Europe 2010

Can the E.U. really be an international voice for democratic reform with one of its core members behaving like a tinpot dictator? via Berlusconi's latest assault on free speech | FP Passport.

The centre-left cannot hold

Mr Berlusconi is still benefiting from a wave of sympathy that engulfed him when he was attacked by a mentally unbalanced man in December. His prime ministership is looking more secure by the day Sad but true. via Italy's troubled left: The centre-left cannot hold | The Economist.

Communication, environment and WordPress

Next weekend I'll take part in two event in Milan area. The first one is one huge barcamp about WordPress and blogging in Italy. It could be a great opportunity to meet and discuss the evolution of blog & corporation. I'll have a speech about it next friday just after Andy Peatling, BuddyPress guru and … Continue reading Communication, environment and WordPress