Social media spending

Good to know🙂

social media spending in the US will grow from $716 million this year to more than $3.1 billion in 2014, a 34 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). That’s a significantly higher rate of growth than the future spending on other interactive marketing channels. Overall, interactive marketing spending in the US will grow from $25.5 billion in 2009 to nearly $55 billion in 2014, a 17 percent CAGR, according to a new Forrester forecast previewed at the Marketing Forum


New enterpreneurship and global markets for digital media

I have been writing some weeks ago that April would be a busy busy month and it was🙂

Last week I was the chairman of a round table inside Veneto Expo event. It was about “New enterpreneurship and global markets for digital media” and we had a live video link with a California panel. It has been an exciting experience and a good challenge to improve my english.

Everything has been recorded and You can watch it online, thanks to Gigi Cogo.

WATCH: New enterpreneurship and global markets for digital media.

Hard times for France24

President Sarkozy would like to close all the english and arabic operations of France24. In my opinion he is crazy to do it. How many people knows English and how many French, in the world?

The elected representative body of France 24 … wishes to hereby state in the firmest and most unequivocal manner their opposition to the French president’s project to close down the English and Arabic channels of France 24,” the news channel’s unions said in an English-language statement late on Thursday.

[via MNW]

International Journalism Festival 2008

Save the date! From the 9th to the 13th of April 2008 You have to be in Perugia to attend to a greta event, the second edition of International Journalism Festival. There will be in five days the most important journalist of Italy and the world all together to discuss the future of journalism.

Just to have an idea of the programme:

Identity crisis for press agencies in the age of 2.0 journalism?

Environmental journalism. Remit: save the planet

Identikit of the non-stop global televised news media

The future of the newspaper

Citizen journalism – we are the media

The full programme is online yet. I’ll be there.

READ: International Journalism Festival 2008.

Financial Times, 4 weeks free

The Financial Times is one of the best international newspaper, in my opinion, and it has always some web related business story. The web site has free and pay contents with new blogs and video news clip produced for the web.

Now You can receive a daily copy of FT at your address for a free 4 weeks trial with no credit card. You will also have a full access to the web contents. You cannot miss it. I’ll try it.

READ: FT free for 4 weeks.

Blogs and journalism

This article of Kevin Anderson is a perfect view of what is today the relationship from blogs and online media. Just some quotes:

Blogging isn’t journalism on the cheap, as some critics have suggested — it’s a natural extension of the core mission of journalism: helping foster a vigorous public dialogue.

But blogging is not a publishing strategy, it’s a community strategy.

The art of blogging is about building a community and coaxing people out from behind their keyboards

Blogging allows us to get out from behind our bylines and connect with people. Marketers call it ‘building our brand,’ but I think it’s about building relationships.

From a desk in London, I’m part of a global newsgathering network, not the BBC, not The Guardian, but the internet.

Link: Blogs to You.