Locke is written and directed by Steven Knight, and I give him great credit. Yet I’m not sure this is what is commonly meant by the film of a director, or auteur. Its authorship and ownership owe so much to Hardy (it was the film that established him, beyond Bronson or The Dark Knight Rises, as a major figure), but it also springs from the technology of automobiles, recording instruments, and the subsequent solitude. No film I’ve seen in recent years is more eloquent on where we are now, and on how alone we feel. There is little left but to watch and listen. A great change has occurred: once masses watched a movie together; but by now we have only our screens as company.

First, I highly recommend to watch Locke.

Second, I agree with the last quote.

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The Nines, a movie You have to see

I am very impressed by John August and I explain why.

Last month I saw a wonderful movie, The Nines, directed by John August. I suggested to all my Pandemia blog readers to see it because I liked it very very much. Today Mr. August wrote in his blog about my movie review. I’ll try to translate it, just to compare it with Babelfish🙂

I have to make a confession. I was astonished by The Nines movie. I have not any news about the Italian distribution, in other countries You can find the DVD.

What is special about The Nines? It is an indipendent movie that can surprise You with a (not) simple plot but very deep. Three different episodes in which the same actors play different characters, somehow linked. You’ll find it only at the end. The movie leaves You with many question marks and it deserves to be discussed e to be seen again.

What is the link between The Nines and the Net? John August, director and screenplayer, has a blog. In his blog he published an audio comment, a bonus track usually only inside the DVD version, but free. He commented the p2p version of his movie with fairplay and he thinks it is a good thing because a lot of people will see it and will talk about it. For the launch they did a contest to produce a “social” trailer with many video available online.

The soundtrack is astonishing. You have to listen to the Alex Wurman theme to understand.

In Italy probably nobody saw the movie except for some people to Venice 2007 Festival and it is a shame! It deserves attention.

Probably my translation sucks like the Babelfish one. You can comment about it🙂