The *perks* of being part of a minority (of a minority) group

I have always been part of a few minority groups, since the high school, but I really started to realize what it means when I decided to become vegetarian. I read a few books – the best is Eating animals by Jonathan Safran Foer – and two years ago I decided it was time to act. I was traveling so I started to see how difficult it could be to not eat meat in some Italian regions and European countries.


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A small revolution


It has been a long time since I started writing on this blog. From today I decided a long due change: this blog will be a web site for my international audience. My business is mainly in Italian but I know people around the world because of my traveling for business and for pleasure. The home page is now a welcome page. You can still read my latest post from the blog page.

I also decided to disable the comment feature. Nobody comments anymore and people prefer to discuss what they read on other social platforms. There is no need to comment here anymore. You can still write me filling a form on my contact page.