Postcards from Afghanistan

Back from my embedded blogger mission in Afghanistan with US NATO - 5 days between Kabul and Kandahar - a few selected photos from there. I am going to write a short ebook about this experience. ISAF In case of danger Soldier Nice view Players The future Life At school No one can beat us …


Last stop, Paris

Paris was my last stop of my february travelling around the world. It has been a relaxing weekend walking, shopping, eating, drinking and chatting with local friends. Serendipity For the first time I walked without any goal and I found new streets and new art galleries I didn't know before. The concert You don't expect … The Domino Project Book #1 (9781935597681): Seth Godin: Books

AMAZING! moviesonfilm: (click to embiggen) Christopher Nolan’s map of the dream layers in Inception. Don’t forget that Inception was released on DVD and Bluray today. If you’ve not seen the best movie of 2010, now’s your chance.

The internet’s cyber radicals: heroes of the web changing the world | Technology | The Observer

thingsorganizedneatly: It’s Thanksgiving in America today.